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How to Use the AI Ad Generator Web App

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to utilize the AI Ad Generator web app, your handy tool for creating advertisement scripts, ad copy, radio ads, podcast ads, and more. The AI Ad Generator is an intuitive tool that leverages artificial intelligence to help you craft compelling and engaging ads that resonate with your audience.

This easy-to-use application requires no previous experience or knowledge in advertising. All you need to do is provide some key details about your business, select your ad type and tone, and let our advanced AI engine generate a creative and persuasive ad for you.

Providing Your Business Details

The first section of the form is designed to collect specific information about your business or organization.

  1. Business/Organization Name: Enter the name of your business or organization in this field. For instance, "Pizza Planet".
  2. Business/Org Description: Describe your business or organization briefly. This could include the products or services you offer. Example: "We sell pizza and pasta and have an arcade."

Specifying Your Business Location

The next section collects information about your business location.

  1. City / Location: Specify the city or location where your business operates. Example: "New York".
  2. Address: Enter the full address of your business. Example: "123 Main St."

Contact Information

The following two fields are for your business contact details.

  1. Phone Number: Enter a valid phone number for your business. Example: "555-555-5555".
  2. Website / Socials: If you have a website or social media profiles for your business, enter the URLs here. Example: ", Twitter @pizzaplanet".

Highlighting Your Business Specials

In the subsequent section, you can provide details about any specials or promotions you're currently running.

  1. Product / Special: Specify the special offer or key product you'd like the ad to focus on. Example: "New special, $7.99 pizza".
  2. Slogan / Call-to-Action: If you have a catchy slogan or a strong call-to-action phrase, enter it here. Example: "Blast off to Pizza Planet!"

Ad Word and Character Count

These fields allow you to specify the length of your advertisement.

  1. Ad Word Count: Enter your preferred ad length in words. As a guideline, consider that an ad with 150 words roughly equates to a minute of spoken time.
  2. Ad Char Count: If you're creating an ad for Google AdWords or other platforms with character limitations, specify the maximum character count here. Google AdWords, for instance, typically limits ad copy to 90 characters.

Ad Type and Tone

Here, you can determine the type of ad the AI will generate, as well as the tone.

  1. Ad Type: Use the drop-down menu to select the type of ad you'd like to create. Choices include radio, podcast, text, Google AdWords, Facebook Ad, YouTube Ad, commercial, voiceover, and script.
  2. Ad Tone: This drop-down menu allows you to choose the tone for your ad, ranging from fun and exciting to professional or relaxed.

Other Notes

The final text field, labeled "Other Notes," is where you can include any specific directions you'd like the AI to consider while creating your ad.

Generate Your Ad

Once all fields are filled to your satisfaction, simply click the "Generate Ad" button. The AI will take all of your inputs into account and generate an ad copy that meets your requirements.

And voila! Creating engaging, professional ad copies has never been easier. Let our AI Ad Generator take your marketing to the next level.

Numbered Word List Generator

Ad Script Generator also doubles as a numbered word list generator! Paste your text into the textbox above where it says "your ad here" and it will be converted into a numbered word list. This is useful for creating radio ads, podcast ads, text ads, Google AdWords ads, commercial ads, voiceovers, and more.


What is Ad Script Generator?

Ad Script Generator allows you to instantly create and generate any ad, ad script, ad text, ad copy, ad headline, Google AdWords ad, Facebook ad, YouTube ad script, podcast ad script, radio ad script or any other ad you want.

The AI uses the fields you supply to generate an ad for you. You can then customize the ad script to your liking or generate new scripts instantly.

What Do You Mean Make An Ad?

Lots of ads have text in them. Radio needs scripts for the announcer to read. Podcasts need scripts for the host to read. YouTube videos need scripts for the narrator to read. Google AdWords needs text for the ads. Facebook needs text for the ads.

Ad Script Generator can generate any of these things for you instantly.

What Kind of Ads Can I Make?

Ad Script Generator can make any ad you need but there are a few pre-configured options to get you started.

The level of complexity that Ad Script Generator can handle is limited by the AI. The AI is currently limited to creating ads and scripts for short commercials or ads. It can not create full length movies or TV shows.

My Ad is Bad? Why?

A lot of reasons! Often the AI just did not fully understand what you want. If that is the situation you can create a new one and try again.

If you are not sure what the problem is you can always ask the AI for help. Try copying and pasting your ad in to ChatGPT and asking it for help then use Ad Script Generator to generate a new ad.

Does This Use ChatGPT?

It uses GPT-3.5 Turbo and GPT-4 which are the most powerful models for ChatGPT.

Ad Script Generator does not remember things from prompt to prompt, each ad is a unique ad that does not reference any of the ads or prompts you have made before.

Ad & Prompts Private

Ads, content, and information may be made public during submission.

Depending on the situation the prompts themselves are stored internally.

Employees at OpenAI and Ad Script Generator have access to any prompts you submit.


I Am Ad Copy Writer. How Does This Work?

This uses very specific ways of prompting an LLM AI to generate text and get creative but consistent output for a specific task.

The AI is not trained to be a copywriter. It is trained to be a creative AI that can generate text for a specific task.

Does This Replace Copywrites, Ad Writers, Marketers, or anyone else?


Ads are still made by people for people. You will still want to read the ads and improve and check them but it can quickly generate a lot of ads for you to choose from with constisent, creative, and unique text.

This is for those ads.

Ad Script Generator

Use AI to create any ad, ad script, ad text, or ad copy you want.

Tell the AI what you want and it will generate any ad, ad script, ad text, ad copy, ad headline, Google AdWords ad, Facebook ad, YouTube ad script, podcast ad script, radio ad script or any other ad you want.